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The early days

Blaise Claudio Pascal was a highly regarded international tenor born in St. Lucia. He never forgot his roots and was an avid supporter of charities in St Lucia.
He found the time to inspire many young people and it was his work at the Boy’s Training Centre that sowed the seed for an application to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.
Blaise sadly died in 2013, but he had made an immense impression and brought joy and happiness to BTC and inspired the boys and the staff who saw the value of a music program for the wards. This was brought to the attention of one of the volunteers who is a member of Amy’s Gift committee.
When Amy Winehouse died in 2011, her family set up the Amy Winehouse Foundation in her memory to assist at risk children through music. There was a strong link with Blaise’s initiative, the aims of the Foundation and with Amy’s love of St. Lucia.

Discussions took place with many potential partners to support the Boys Training Centre. There was also a great need for music therapy at Dunnottar School for children with developmental disabilities but most important was the fact that Dunnottar School had some experience in teaching music. Dunnottar could offer the help that the Boys Training Centre required and at the same time increase their music programme.
An application to start a music program at Dunnottar School and the Boys Training Centre was submitted to the Amy Winehouse Foundation in January 2014 and approved in April 2014.

Our story from 2014

The Amy Winehouse Foundation donated an initial, one off grant to buy the musical instruments for Dunnottar School and the Boys Training Centre. The grant covered the salary of the teacher and setting up expenses for the first year. Going forward - we prepare an annual report for the Foundation and since 2014, they have continued to support us with a grant that covers a portion of our annual expenses and we fund raise the balance.

We are a small group of volunteers. We have no overheads.

Our major expense is our teachers’ salary.

Other expenses are tee-shirts and snacks for the bands when performing and the annual tuning of the steel pan drums.


Amy's Gift to St.Lucia Inc. is a non-profit company incorporated in St. Lucia, company number 2021/C094

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