Amy Winehouse Foundation

The Foundation helps disadvantaged children and young people to feel supported, informed and inspired through music. Programs build self- esteem, help the participants make better choices about drugs and alcohol and enable them to reach their full potential.

Amy’s Gift to St. Lucia’s music program at Dunnottar School and the Boys Training Centre does just that.

Support from the Foundation is not just financial.

Jane Winehouse, the Managing Trustee and co founder of the Foundation, is our main contact. Jane takes a keen interest in our work and has visited to see the program in operation.

Janis and Richard Winehouse-Collins are also loyal and active supporters. They were present at the launch of the project. On another visit, went to the Multiple Disability Unit and the Boys Training Centre.


Amy's Gift to St.Lucia Inc. is a non-profit company incorporated in St. Lucia, company number 2021/C094

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