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Our Mission

Amy’s Gift is a music project which brings music and singing to the children attending Dunnottar School and the Boys Training Centre.

The aim is to improve the health and happiness of the participants by:

  • Extending the opportunities for music at both establishments and to establish bands at both establishments.
  • To inspire and support the personal development of disadvantaged young people through music
  • To inform and educate the boys at the Boys Training Centre about the effects of drug and alcohol abuse

We are a charity helping special needs children and young people by supporting music therapy programs at Dunnottar School and The Boys Training Centre (BTC). The boys at the Centre are all at risk and in addition to the music, they participate in a drug awareness and internet abuse program.

The Dunnottar School welcomes children with visual, auditory and developmental disabilities. Every child is able to participate in the Music Therapy Program.

Most of these children are from desperately poor homes. Some live in one-room houses. Imagine how difficult it is trying to cope with the lack of space and a child who may be hyperactive and have challenging behaviors.

Music therapy helps the children develop a more positive self-perception. It improves concentration, understanding of the spoken word, ability to communicate and ability to better regulate involuntary movements. This improves the ability to interact in a positive manner, ensuring greater cooperation and participation at school and in daily life.

Improving the children's health, happiness and quality of life motivates us! And the children love it.


All of the funding is by private supporters - there is no government assistance. This charity was inspired by Amy Winehouse, who spent many happy times in St. Lucia. The Amy Winehouse Foundation initially provided a grant which bought all the musical instruments and paid the salary of a music therapy teacher for a year. The Foundation continues their support which meets about a quarter of the costs. The only expenses are the salary of the teacher, t-shirts for the bands, snacks for the children when they are performing and the tuning of the steelpan drums.

We ask for your help to ensure that Amy's Gift to St. Lucia continues its life-changing valuable work for the future.



Amy's Gift to St.Lucia Inc. is a non-profit company incorporated in St. Lucia, company number 2021/C094

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